Tips in Selecting Vitamin Supplements

It can be challenging to select the right kind of vitamin supplements for you because there are so many kinds out in the market. These are very important because the body needs to take in a suitable quantity of nutrients daily for optima health. Vegetarians need them because they fail to take in enough calories which are usually found in animal meat. Pregnant women need additional nutrients because the ones they take in go directly to the baby inside them. Kids also need vitamins because they tend to have less appetite than adults.

In selecting vitamin supplements, you have to think about your needs and goals in terms of your health. If your goal is to enhance your energy or speed up metabolism for weight loss, you will need to add more Vitamin D or iron to your diet. If you want to slow down the aging process or have clear skin, go for Vitamin C or Vitamin E.

You should select vitamin supplements based on the advice of your physician or dietician. They would be able to inform you of the different vitamins out in the market today which would come in capsule, tablet, liquid or pill form.  Know what form of the supplement you are comfortable to take. If you do not like swallowing solid supplements, go for the liquid form. A medical expert would also be able to inform you what kind of nutrients you need given your health and your present lifestyle. You may have present medication that would clash with certain vitamins.  Inquire from your doctor what type of vitamins you need.

Look for supplements at an online or offline store. There are many websites selling different kinds from different manufacturers. Make sure you go to a reputable website and not a fraudulent one. Check the reputation of an online store through the Better Business Bureau website as they list down sites that have complaints against them. Offline stores consist of pharmacies, groceries, drug stores and health stores.

Do not forget to read the packaging when choosing health supplements. Know what the nutrients and ingredients are. The label should also indicate the recommended dosage per age level. Make sure the supplement is made by a reputable pharmaceutical company.

Always check the date of expiration of the vitamin supplements. Do not buy them if the expiration date is near because the vitamin loses its potency during this time. Never purchase a supplement that has no expiry date indicated.

Select a supplement that gives more of the nutrients that you lack. Make sure you choose one that gives 100% of the recommended daily value of various vitamins and minerals. Calcium is an exception because there is no supplement that gives 100% of calcium.

Make sure the supplement you choose has a balanced formula of a multivitamin rather than a supplement that has a single agent only. This would lessen the chance of having adverse rivalry between nutrients once in the body. For instance, when you take in too much of Vitamin E, this would inhibit Vitamin K needed for metabolism. You should also be careful about an over-dosage of vitamins because this can pose a great threat to the health.  Too much iron for example can damage the liver and the heart.

These are the tips in selecting vitamin supplements for your health.


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