The Top Five Vitamins that Women Need

Eating the right foods and getting enough exercise are sometimes not enough to maintain one’s health and fitness. For some women, taking in the right vitamins and other types of dietary supplements is needed to keep in shape and to avoid contracting diseases that plague many women. To give you a guide on which vitamins you should be taking in, here are the top five vitamins that women need to look and feel better.

On the top of the list is the Vitamin D. Many people assume that just by soaking up sunlight, your vitamin D levels would soar up. However, sunlight can only give you vitamin D if you have enough vitamin D levels in your system. In a way, sunlight unlocks the vitamin D in your body system so that you can use it to ward off diseases and repair tissues and bones. To get enough vitamin D without taking in supplements, try eating more eggs, fishes and cod liver oil.

Vitamin E is also important for women since it can greatly improve their immune system. As women get older, their immune systems also weaken and this can lead to being more vulnerable to certain types of diseases. Vitamin E helps women to improve their immune system by aiding in the red blood cell formation. Because of this, the chances of contracting heart diseases and muscle problems are significantly lowered.

For many people, Vitamin C is very essential to keep them healthy and disease-free. For women, Vitamin C can help them by aiding the immune system. It helps in fighting off the microbes, bacteria and viruses that can cause different types of illnesses. Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin C cannot cure colds or similar diseases. Instead, this vitamin can only boost the immune system so that the body can recuperate from the disease. Other great benefits of Vitamin C for women are that it increases the absorption of iron and it can also aid in the cell tissue repair of the body.

However, microbes are not the only cause of health problems among women. Stress can also take a toll on your health. To prevent you from getting burned out by constant stress, taking in Vitamin B-complex can really help you in the long run. This vitamin is usually found in fruits, like bananas and tomatoes. Fishes and poultry products also have Vitamin B-complex.

Finally, Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that women need, and can really benefit women from all walks of life. It can aid women in their visual problem, such as glaucoma and cataracts. Cell tissue repair can also be aided by this vitamin. Pregnant women can also take in this vitamin in order to aid the fetal development of her child. There are also several studies which reveal that Vitamin A pays a role in preventing certain types of cancer among women.

As a final note, women should not be entirely dependent on taking in supplements to maintain their health. Having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is still a must for every woman today.


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