Nineteenth Amendment is the platform to shop emerging designer fashion. Our brands are global but all garments are manufactured just for you in the USA. Discover, critique, and shop the freshest fashion talent from across six continents now.

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How We Work

We sell pre-production.

We only manufacture after a minimum of ten garments has been sold. You won't be charged unless that minimum is met. No inventory means low risk for designers, better prices for you, and low waste for the environment.

Our seasons aren't like their seasons.

We believe that today’s shoppers are grazers – not gorgers. You buy items all year round when you're inspired and the price matches your budget. Our season is a 45 day selling period during which you can purchase an item at wholesale rather than retail price.

The best price is found on this season's runway.

We've reversed the model to benefit shoppers and designers. "In season" items are at wholesale price. When an item ends its 45 day season, it is still available to purchase as a one-off but at a higher retail price.

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Orchid Top



The Pearl Dress


Ange Lang

Love + War gown


Natalie Rae



Helen Castillo Design

A-Line Double Vent Skirt


Kevin Shahroozi

Floral Sleeve Shirt